i believe
in hope.

They say we're fools.

Our dreams are unreal.

Our hope is too great.

But. Everyone who changed the world heard them say the same things.

So - #StayFoolish.

Based in LA, hip-hop artist/poet/activist jason chu is on a mission to speak hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.

He tells stories about friends and families wrestling with fear and joy, greed and hope, hurt and healing.

jason has performed at over 170 colleges (NYU, UMass, Wisconsin, Dartmouth, Williams, Yale, etc.), conferences (Urbana, NYCAASC, ITASA, etc.), and community organizations across the country, including a 2015 Asia mini-tour to Hong Kong and Beijing. He has partnered with The White House to fight bullying in Asian-American communities and the Alameda County Government to speak up on mental health issues.

jason's work has been covered by the Huffington Post, the LA Times, the China Daily, AngryAsianMan, and other outlets.